Roads & Bridges

Concerns or issues with the following PennDOT roads:

  • Rte. 611 (Easton Road)
  • Rte. 32 (River Road)
  • Rte. 113 (Bedminster)
  • Brick Church Road
  • Byram Road
  • Creamery Road
  • E. Dark Hollow Road
  • Geigel Hill Road
  • Headquarters Road
  • Red Hill Road
  • South Park Road
  • Stover Park Road
  • Upper Tinicum Church Road

Contact The PennDOT Customer Care Center (CCC) the online resource to submit complaints about potholes, deer carcass removal, drainage issues, etc. You can download pictures and indicate on a map the exact location of the problem.

If the concern requires immediate attention or could create safety concerns, such as missing signs or roadway hazards, please call 1-800-FIX-ROAD or 215-345-6060 to be directly connected to the county maintenance office in your area.

Concerns or issues with the following Tinicum Township roads:

  • Annawanda Road
  • Beaver Run Road
  • Boulder Road
  • Breezy Road
  • Bunker Hill Road
  • Cafferty Road
  • Center Road
  • Clay Ridge Road
  • Durham Road
  • Ervin Road
  • Erwinna Valley Way
  • Everbreeze Road
  • Farm School Road
  • Frankenfield Road
  • Geigel Hill Bridge
  • Gruver Road
  • Hager Hill Road
  • Hollow Horn Road
  • Iron Bridge Road
  • Jugtown Hill Road
  • Lear Drive Road
  • Lily Valley Road
  • Lodi Hill Road
  • McCann Drive
  • Meadow Lane
  • Mount Airy Road
  • Municipal Road
  • Oak Grove Road
  • Old Forge Road
  • Park Road
  • Permanent School Road
  • Perry Auger Road
  • Quail Lane
  • Randts Mill Road
  • Red Cliff Road
  • Ridge Valley Road
  • Roaring Rocks Road
  • Rock Ridge Road
  • Ropewalk Road
  • Second Street
  • Sheephole Road
  • Sherman Road
  • Shull Farm Road
  • Smithtown Road
  • Stagecoach Road
  • Sunset Drive
  • Swamp Creek Road
  • Tabor Road
  • Tammany Road
  • Tankhannen Road
  • Tettemer Road
  • Tinby Drive
  • Tinicum Creek Road
  • Tohickon Drive
  • Tohickon Valley Road
  • Tory Road
  • Twin Lear Road
  • Uhlerstown Hill Road
  • Union School Road
  • Valley View Drive
  • Wildcat Road
  • Wormansville Road

Contact Tinicum Township Dept. of Public Works at (610)294-9153 or email the Director of Public Works, Doug Skelton, at

For deer carcass removal, contact the PA Game Commission SE Region for non-major roads at 610-926-3136 or 833-742-4868.

The following are private lanes:

  • Bridge Five Lane
  • Bridge Four Lane
  • Bridge Three Lane
  • Bridge Two Lane
  • Bridge One Lane
  • Cedar Lane
  • Cedar Hill Lane
  • Cross Creek Lane
  • Deer Woods Lane
  • Dexheimer Lane
  • Dogwood Lane
  • Fox Run Rd. (not yet dedicated)
  • Hayden Lane
  • Hidden Valley Lane
  • Ledge Lane
  • Mountain View Lane
  • Modern Lane
  • Quarry Lane
  • Sanctuary Lane
  • Walter’s Lane

Private lanes are maintained by the property owners who live on the lane.


Part of Tinicum Township’s charm is it’s historic bridges and winding country roads, but they can be a challenge for delivery vans and trucks. Please remember bridge weight/height limits when providing delivery instructions.

• The Erwinna Covered Bridge on Geigel Hill Road has a maximum height restriction of 9 feet.
• The Frankenfield Covered Bridge on Hollow Horn Road has a maximum height restriction of 9 feet.
• The Uhlerstown Covered Bridge on Uhlerstown Hill Road has a maximum height restriction of 11 feet.

Click here for a map of Tinicum Township bridge locations with weight/height restrictions.
The following is a listing of Tinicum Township bridges by maintenance responsibility, which include posted limits, type of construction, span and restrictions: